Elpida Autism Foundation

Our goal as a foundation is to continue to increase autism awareness and acceptance, provide monetary support for research and development, and to provide much needed support for programs that help young people living on the spectrum an opportunity to discover what they do best in order to live a fulfilled life.

Elpida Autism Foundation has raised approximately $1,450,000 to benefit those impacted by autism.

Elpida Autism Foundation Vision Statement

Elpida’s ultimate goal is a short term respite care facility and long term sustainable housing establishment.

How To Help

Elpida Autism Foundation is always looking for people like you to help us build a community of advocates for those who can not advocate for themselves. Donations of any size are welcome. Volunteers are at the heart of our foundation, and If you would.like to volunteer, if you have any questions, or can offer support in other ways we’d love to hear from you!

Elpida Autism Foundation Beneficiaries